Project Description

In the new kykNET documentary series ‘n Ander Wêreld – met Coenie (Another World – with Coenie), award-winning presenter Coenie de Villiers invites viewers to visit the people and places they would normally not be acquainted with.

These trips to lesser-known worlds will not require viewers to board a plane in order to travel to different destinations: these “other” worlds are right under our noses, just out of sight. The series introduces us to people who talk from the heart, and share the tales of their often remarkable lives. These are worlds which often make us wonder, but which seldom reveal themselves without some effort. Coenie takes viewers on this journey to a world where

  • the remaining fisherman of the West Coast who still use a hand-line, ply their ancient trade
  • we tackle the tarmac with the long-haul truck drivers who cover millions of miles on our roads
  • we meet the male and female body builders, cage fighters and display wrestlers who show us what you can really do with muscle power
  • petrolheads chase the va-va-voom of horsepower and we meet those individuals who feel the constant need for speed
  • the Cape Carnival Minstrels prepare behind the scenes for the annual parade, and sing as only they can
  • drag artists open their hearts and homes to shed some light on the twilight world where the men are, well, a little bit different
  • hobos and “bergies” remind us how often the dice rolls against the fortunes of so many ordinary people
  • emergency workers hang under helicopters and work throughout the night with sirens blaring to help those in need
  • those with Down’s Syndrome bring joy to the lives of others
  • poets and writers chip semi-precious stones in the barren desert in order to make a living
  • some breadwinners have to face death on a daily basis to bring home the proverbial bacon
  • prospectors still search for the elusive glint of gold and diamonds somewhere in a stream
  • some of South Africa’s most famous literary sons share a very intimate experience of their Karoo with the viewers.

This series of hour-long programmes sets a new quality benchmark in personal journalism. The first programme airs on the 12th of April 2015 at 20h00. Don’t miss it!